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Early Start

When I was at school (another time and another place), September was the month for going back after the summer break. You’d have the last Monday in August as a Bank Holiday, whatever was left of that week and then you’d be back after the weekend, perhaps on the Tuesday after staff had an in-service training (InSeT) day (or Baker day, for Education Secretary Kenneth Baker, who mandated them towards the end of my school career).

It turns out that schools in Leicestershire go back before the August Bank Holiday – many pupils will have finished their first week back today. I knew foreign parts, like Scotland, started and finished their summer holiday earlier but I didn’t know that this was the practice in parts of England too. I don’t know if it makes much overall difference (although it means the late August babies will be the oldest rather than the youngest in their years – that has got to throw up some anomalies for those whose families move to different parts of the country).

What it does mean is that I need to keep that in mind in my planning for work. Even though the age profile of my church skews relatively old, we’ve still got some children and the school terms affect many who are past their school years too.

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