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Fake Frames

Jane and I rewatched Ghostbusters (2016) again on DVD tonight. I see I opined about it back in the year it was released and wasn’t too drawn by the trailers but it turns out to be not a bad watch and not as much of a remake of the original as I’d feared although it makes plenty of nods on that direction (and has several cameos from surviving stars of the original).

One thing I observed about it this evening was the use of a fake frames. It’s a film, so it’s widescreen, so having black bars along the top and bottom of the screen doesn’t look weird. It turns out they are fake though and the movie creates the illusion of 3D by choosing to have some elements cross out of the main frame and over what appeared to be a ‘projection border’. Very clever – although, by the end of the film, I felt it had been a bit overdone, it did help create a more immersive effect and it would have been better yet on a screen bigger than a laptop.

So, now I’d say that Ghostbusters (2016) is probably worth a watch for the cinematography as well as just an entertaining, schlocky ride.

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