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Just a Little Bit

I thought I had some hostas coming up in the polytunnel from bulbs caught up in the homemade compost at the bottom of the beds. A bit of research showed that hostas are edible and, when young, rumoured to be quite tasty and so I cut off a bit to try today.

After washing it off, I nibbled on a couple of bits. Could I detect the allium or asparagus flavours I had been led to expect? Hostas are part of the same botanical family as asparagus. No, it felt unpleasantly hot on my lips and was swiftly spat out and my mouth rinsed several times with water.

There don’t seem to have been any lasting side effects but I’m fairly sure they aren’t hostas. I probably should have followed the proper foraging protocol and started with some touched on my skin, a rest, and then some touched on my lip and another rest before any biting but at least I had the sense to start with a small nibble.

I might leave one or two to grow, just to see if I can get a better identification. Not everthing unpleasant to eat on its own is necessarily poisonous. For example, hot chillies would probably have the same effect. However, I’ll try to get a better idea of what the plant is before trying it again as there are also plants that can be extremely dangerous in tiny quantities!

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