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Why a Jag?

Squier Affinity Jaguar Bass
Squier Affinity Jaguar

What grabbed me about the Jaguar? I think a lot of it came down to being much better than I had expected. I’ve been watching lots of online reviews of all sorts of basses and, although I’d seen this recently released model from Squier, I’d not been blown away by the samples I’d heard. When I picked it up, my motivation was more about being thorough rather than anticipating that I’d end up buying it.

It wasn’t the very best instrument I played but, adjusting for what I was willing to play, it was up there among the reasonable contenders. I recorded my whole try-out session and, looking back, it was one of the instruments I spent longer playing. It did what I wanted and, although I’d set out to make a conservative choice, I suppose I can’t escape the fact that I like things a little bit quirky.

The medium scale feels quite comfortable. Most of my other basses are 34″ but I am used to adapting to everything from a ukulele to a double bass so the Jaguar doesn’t require a greater mental stretch than I’m used to. It reduces my choice of strings but, given that my main bass is a six string headless beast, needing double ball end strings, I’m still a couple of steps towards mainstream.

I think it will be the Sei bass for tomorrow’s worship set at church, where I’m leading but expect to see the Jaguar on a Players Path video soon.

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