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Ahead of the Weather

I’m back from holiday. Yes, some of my recent posts were scheduled ahead of time in anticipation of limited Internet access.

We were camping at a site called Noble Wood in Cumbria, at the southern end of the Lake District National Park. There were a series of pitches carved out of the woodland — hard-standing for camper vans and bark chips for tents — and it was an excellent find. There was more noise than we expected from the nearby A590 but I suppose, given that the same road made access to the site and surrounding areas very easy, one shouldn’t complain.

On Sunday morning, the plan had been to head to a local church and then climb one more big hill in the afternoon. However, we’d largely done the things we had aimed for and, with the weather looking on the wet side that afternoon and the following morning, we decided to pack up a day early. We have still counted today as being on holiday and so we took a trip to the Denby pottery village in Derbyshire, picking a few bits for our kitchen which we wouldn’t have done if we knew we had to squeeze it in alongside camping gear (yes, we haven’t quite mastered the art of packing light!).

Would we have got soaked if we had stayed? It is hard to say as weather forecasts (as the name suggests) look ahead rather than telling you what actually happened but I think it was a good call and a good holiday as well.

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