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Back to Rehearsals

I think it was when England had its second COVID-19 lockdown that I had the bright idea of offering the time slot we wouldn’t be using for worship team rehearsals as an opportunity for an online prayer meeting. I wasn’t sure there would be much take up and I expected to sit on my own for a week or two before closing it and moving onto the next bright idea. This one took off though and has become a valuable part of the weekly roll for a decent number from within the congregation.

We’ve now been back to live Sunday morning services (alongside the online offering) for a while and we have been using some time before the service to rehearse. However, it is necessarily quite a short time and some of the team wanted to get back to longer rehearsals with a bit of time to mull the lessons from them. I’ve now been able to shift the prayer meeting to another evening (I don’t want to miss it myself, which is one of the reasons for not just finding someone else to hand the running of it to) and we had our first rehearsal back this evening.

We’ll see how it all works out. I think it will be good although it does mean we now have to have a fairly good idea of the songs and the overall service pinned down before Wednesday evening. That will need a bit of readjustment from several parties but I think it will be a worthwhile step.

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