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Student Welcome Video

I couldn’t resist the title pun! As well as my regular task of recording for our online service, I also filmed a short piece that will be used by the Loughborough University Christian Union as part of an array of videos welcoming students to different local churches.

The brief was 30-40 seconds, saying something about the church, our services and any student activities. We don’t have a specific student stream, because we haven’t had any student visitors in the past couple of years. Even so, it was still hard to try and do that within the time. I managed to get it down to 48 seconds (only 8 seconds over or almost a 25% overrun, depending on how generous you are feeling) and it still feels like I don’t say much.

If you are wondering why this one is in portrait mode, that was a specific request. I wonder if maps or church details will be displayed alongside? I’ve overlaid the key details directly on the video, which I hope doesn’t muck up their plans, although I could easily generate another version or even remove the black bars, which are a simple image used as an overlay mask.

There is one advantage of being so constrained. I didn’t really have time to squeeze in anything that is directly student related, so we might end up using this to welcome others too.

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