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Except the Red Ones

As I mentioned earlier this week, the tomato harvest is coming along well. We’ve got little orange ones, called ‘Orange Rapture’, which we got from seeds from a pack bought in a supermarket a few years ago. We’ve got large yellow ones with the happy name of ‘Golden Sunrise’, which we’ve kept going by saving seeds even longer. And we’ve got some called ‘Artisan Purple’, which aren’t really purple but a duller red than you see in the label below with green stripes:

Solanum lycopersicum 'Artisan Purple' Label
Artisan Purple Label

We bought those in 2017 when we’d been late getting our own seeds started but I think we’ve more than had our money’s worth since then.

The only ones that haven’t ripened yet are the most traditional ones – the classic red ‘Moneymaker’ (also spun out over many years of seed collection). They are getting there though. The first ones have gone from dark green to light green and are now beginning to blush. It shouldn’t be long before we get to full house.

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