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Full Fat

I think I might want to start looking for lower fat mince. I bought some beef mince from Lidl today which was described as 20% fat. I did consider the lower fat versions but ‘fat is flavour’ and this was also quite a lot cheaper. I reasoned it was less than the 23% of the pork and beef mince I bought last time.

I used it to cook up a decent chilli con carne but it would be on the generous side to describe it as unctuous. I think it was too fatty and I should have had the sense to drain the excess off as I cooked each batch of mince. I could always have drawn on that if I discovered I needed a bit more for the other ingredients. Perhaps I should have just left off frying those in any case as it was all going to to be slow-cooked anyway?

Perhaps I ought to do the sums and figure out how much the cheaper mince would cost after draining off most of the fat? Lidl doesn’t give prices for its full range on its website but Tesco has 5% fat at £2.59 for 500g and 20% for £1.49. That makes them, respectively, £5.18 and £2.98 per kilogram. That doesn’t sound too far off the Lidl differential – higher fat for 60% of the price. If I drained off 15% of the fat, getting the cheaper one down to 5%, I’d only have 850g of the original kilogram left. £2.98 divided by 850 gives a price of 0.35p per gram so £3.51 per kilogram.

So, maths says go with the cheap stuff and be willing to throw some away to get the best deal without being too fatty. I wonder what nutritional science says on the issue?

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