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Malope trifida

Malope trifida 'Strawberries and Cream Mix'
Malope trifida

Sometimes you sow seeds and end up with far too many plants. Once you’ve planted what you can and given away more, you finally have to throw away the rest to make room for the next batch of seeds. Not so with this beauty! Of the seeds I planted I got a low germination rate and the first couple that came up didn’t survive. I think three more came up later but only one of those made it to the point where I could pot it up and eventually plant it out.

It is flowering well now though. What I love about this plant is the way the space between the petals creates the illusion of a small, green petalled flower through the negative space that is created. I think my seed might have been a bit old so I’ll have to see if I can get fresh seeds from this one later in the season.

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