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Milling Away

This afternoon, I’ve been putting my router to work.

Before we went on holiday, I knocked up a couple of wooden lids to sit on top of a couple of large plastic storage boxes we took. The design was very simple – a hardboard sheet cut to a suitable size for the surface and reinforced with a couple of pallet wood planks glued to the underside. The hardboard rests on the lip of the plastic lids and the planks fit neatly into the recess to stop the surface sliding off and to reinforce it. There is one downside though: weight. The planks aren’t that heavy but it all adds up.

That’s where the router came in. I gradually milled away material from the bottom of each plank, leaving the edges but hollowing out the middle. It has worked pretty well but took a long time. What I really needed was a good quality milling bit to remove the wood. I got the job done but I know what I’ll be looking at if I decide I want to do something similar in future.

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