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Old School Singing

On Wednesday mornings during term time, I help at the toddlers group at church, providing music and other support. At the moment, we have a problem with the projector in the church hall (I might need to get it down for a more thorough clean as it seems to be around overheating) and so we couldn’t display the lyrics for some of the songs we did.

We have become so dependent in that kind of setting on seeing the words that it can be a struggle. Fortunately, the toddlers songs aren’t very complex and most of the toddlers themselves aren’t yet particularly good at reading, so I declared that we would do it old-school style. I just ran through each verse (easy words and simple actions) before we sang it and, to be honest, it was a lot of fun.

I hope I can get the projector dealt with soon but I think I’ll keep the old school approach in mind; it would be good to learn the songs together rather than just relying on lyrics on the screen.

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