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Online Interlinear Bible

An interlinear Bible is one that intersperses different translations for the purpose of comparison and study. Very often they include the a text in the original language, a transliteration (like looking up each word in a dictionary but not making any attempt to make it a properly formed example of the destination language) and one or more modern renderings.

I don’t need to stick at telling you: I can show you. Here is an online interlinear Bible, looking at 1 John 5, which I was studying tonight.

When one doesn’t really have a good grasp of the original language, one needs to be very cautious about making assumptions. However, sometimes it is useful. For example, I can see that every time the word ‘love’ comes up in that passage it based on the Greek ‘agape’ – divine, self-giving love. That isn’t unexpected in this context but there are passages where other words for different types of love are used instead.

Tonight, I was particularly struck by oidamen, meaning ‘we know’. It is used repeatedly towards the end of the passage – a rhetorical technique to hammer something home. That hadn’t been so apparent in the English translation I was mainly using (NASB) which watered it down a bit by putting an ‘and’ I can’t see in the Greek at the start of the final sentence. Stepping a bit further beyond my competence, I wonder if the word has some relation to oikos (which means ‘household’ – the ‘we’) and to amen, which needs little introduction because it has been adopted into English?

Anyway, a very useful tool for study although functional monoglots like me should use it cautiously.

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