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Almost Christmas

I know that, by the calendar we have over two months to go but the local Lidl already has a wide selection of Christmas goodies out, on the opposite side of the display with all the Halloween sweets. I try to ignore the attempts of shops to direct my seasons but I’ve got different reasons for perusing my carol books tonight. In my role as worship pastor, it falls to me to take a leading role in preparing Christmas music and I need to get started on that well before stir-up Sunday.

As an extra ingredient this year, there is the uncertainty over whether things will proceed as they are at the moment or if COVID-19 will scupper plans for another year. We’d like to have a carol service but will people want to come and sing? Can we accommodate the demand without squeezing in too tightly? And, importantly, what will we sing?

I’m minded to keep the overall service shorter than normal – five or six lessons and carols might be ample and that way we bring down risk by limiting duration. My thoughts are leaning in the direction of shepherds. Maybe, instead of trying to shoehorn in the whole story and all the characters, I can particularly focus on those rough and ready witnesses? I must remember not to be over ambitious and to make sure I include some familiar favourites (although I’d love to just stick to folk tradition carols) but I’ve at least made a start on pondering.

If you want an early dose, here is a lovely rendition of one of the pieces I’m considering:

Shepherds Arise, performed by Hermitage Green

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