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And on the subject of plugs

With a lot of our kitchen surfaces covered with the season’s harvest and more waiting to be picked, I decided to invest in a small dehydrator (one of these) to extend our range of processing techniques.

It arrived this evening and could definitely be described as dinky. Even the little metal trays that come with it feel shrunk-down. However, that’s not a problem. We don’t want a big unit that takes up lots of space while we’re using it and is a pain to store when we don’t need it. What was a problem was when I spotted that it comes with a European plug. That’s not mentioned anywhere on the Amazon.co.uk page and it is clearly intended to be sold into the UK market. Once I’ve had a chance to use it, that will be mentioned when I write up a review of it.

Indeed, I wasn’t sure I was going to get a chance to use it. I was sure we’d had an adaptor at some point but wasn’t sure where it was. It looked like I would be needing to arrange a return. Then I found a Thomann branded adaptor in my odds and ends drawer. I don’t even remember what it came with – it must have been some kind of musical equipment (that’s what Thomann do, very well) but it must have been surplus to requirements because it was still sealed and unused.

It is a decent adaptor, where you plug in the European socket and then clip and screw it shut so nothing will come loose. I’ve just finished the initial hour-long run with nothing in and all has been well. So tomorrow will almost certainly involve either drying apples or drying tomatoes.

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