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Autumn Ruby

Brewing season is here again! With no active cooling mechanism, I can keep a brew up to temperature (thanks to a brew belt and a temperature controlled plug) but can’t bring it down. Our kitchen isn’t overheated so, now the outside daytime temperature doesn’t tend to get above the mid-teens, I can start my home brew beer hobby again without the risk that the ambient air temperature is going to push the brew up into the low twenties.

This year, I’ve kicked off with a version of the Graham Wheeler recipe for Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby. I’ve never had the original but I’ve had some decent results from the recipe in the past. This time, I discovered I was a bit low on crystal malt but I managed by substituting in a mixture of some chocolate malt and more of the base pale malt. Pleasingly, I’ve hit the target original gravity (1.058) spot on despite that tweak.

Mash day was yesterday and I got it fermenting this evening. With my set up, it seems to take about a week to get to the point where I need to start checking the gravity and see if it has settled ready for bottling. I’ll probably try to get two or three more brews done over the next month and then I should have home brew good and ready for Christmas.

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