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Beetroot Bread … with powder

I made a beetroot bread last month with chunks of beetroot. It was tasty but, having made it by hand, it had distinct chunks rather than the more integrated effect I used to get with a bread machine. You can see that yesterday’s version turned out rather more glorious in colour:

Beetroot Bread
Beetroot Bread

This was also made by hand but the trick was to use beetroot powder. You can see some of the dots but it is much better integrated and given the blush I was looking for. The powder itself came from the beetroot I dehydrated earlier this week. I put it back to dry it further then used our little spice grinder to break it up. It still wasn’t completely dry and so I got very small chunks instead of a true powder but I’ve put what was left (only 10g used for this loaf, although that probably represents about 3 small homegrown beetroot) back in the oven on a tray after I have used it for cooking other things a couple of times since, so I might give it another spin in the grinder and see if we can do better.

One quick warning – as with anything involving red beetroot, do allow some extra time for cleaning up! That stain, which comes out so dramatically on the bread, works for anything although, fortunately, it is water soluble on most surfaces.

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