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Engraving on Windows

Up until recently, I’d done most of my music editing using Lilypond (the engine) and Frescobaldi (the graphical interface), two excellent Open Source tools. I was running them in a virtual Linux machine hosted on my MacBook and I’ve still got the option of doing that. However, my Window desktop machine has become my main machine for the time being and so I’m experimenting with running the Windows versions.

So far, mainly so good. I can do all the editing I need. The main thing I haven’t figured out how to do yet is to install some alternative fonts. I can do different fonts for the text but what I’d like to achieve is a font that looks like the jazz charts I’m used. So far, searching online hasn’t turned up anything useful. I’ve got the font I want installed on Windows but can’t figure out how to activate it. Not a show stopper though.

Longer term, I can always run a virtual Linux box on Windows but it will do what I need for now, even if not everything I want. And, the big advantage of running on Lilypond, all my scores are simple text files that can be easily ported between different systems.

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