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Making Crisps

I’ve been wondering if I could make potato crisps with my dehydrator. Attempt one was not overwhelming. I finely sliced a potato in my food processor and dried the resulting slices. Meh! After then doing some research, it looks like a lot of methods involve frying the slices first and that’s what I tried last night.

So, thin slices, rinsed to remove excess starch and patted try on a tea-towel followed by shallow frying. The results already looked quite good. I then sprinkled on fine salt and tossed them around before arranging on the dehydrator trays. About an hour was plenty to bring all but the thickest slices to a nice crisp and, actually, they weren’t to bad at all. However, it’s a lot of effort to produce a reasonable serving for a couple of people. The raw ingredient (one potato, able to fit down the feed tube of my processor) and the dehydration are pretty cheap; I’m not so sure about the gas for what seemed like an hour or so of frying off batches.

If I try again, I think a smaller pan and deeper oil might be a better way to go – the slices should cook more quickly and evenly if submerged in hot oil. I’d also like to investigate how to make a flavouring other than plain salt. It’s quite a lot of work though and reminds me not to take crisps for granted next time I simply open up a packet.

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