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One to rewrite

I got on better at the wind band rehearsal yesterday evening, even though it was time for the Christmas music to come out and it was a completely new pad. Some of the parts were written an octave up from where they sound, which is what I’m used to for bass guitar and double bass, and most of the others had a small enough range of notes for the majority of the piece that I could avoid my brain switching to treble clef and trying things like A and D when I should have been playing C and F.

One was a real doozy though. It was a bass part but written in the treble clef for an Eb instrument. Eek! Not many bars in, I quickly determined that I was going to sit the rest of that one out. In theory, you can read an Eb treble clef part like a concert pitch bass clef part (albeit written at pitch) but, with a good smattering of accidentals, that was a step too far to safely tread.

Anyway, unless there happens to be a more immediately congenial part floating round for me in the band’s library, that will be the first one I redo with Lilypond for my own convenience.

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