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Shed Day

I’ve spent a fair amount of today in the shed, working on various DIY tasks. Firstly, I finished off a tiny task, creating an end-cap to replace a missing one I spotted on one of our raised beds. External wood lasts a lot longer if you can stop water sitting on and then penetrating the end grain so this is one of those ‘stich in time saves nine’ jobs. A little sawing, out with the router to chamfer the edges and then down the garden to screw it on.

Next, I did a bit of tidying. The main decision was to get rid of an old bicycle tyre I’d retrieved on a wombling expedition. I thought it might be useful for something but, taking a closer look at how it was put together, I decided that it wasn’t worth continuing to give a home to – the rubber parts were bonded to some kind of fabric inner which had gone quite hard.

The tidying let me get to the main intended task, of pulling out some of my reclaimed pallet wood and seeing if it would be suitable for creating a french cleat wall in the kitchen. In short, it wasn’t and so it was off to buy some timber in the afternoon and then, before the heavy rain anticipated tomorrow, getting 45° angles cut and the boards trimmed to length. Tomorrow I can have the fun of mounting them on the wall but tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

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