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Still Required?

There are ongoing debates about whether spring and autumn clock changes are still required. We aren’t an agrarian society and many of us quite happily carry on abundant light. Expect debate on the subject in tomorrow’s Sunday supplements. With COP26 happening, I wonder if anyone will pitch for an environmental angle and argue that we ought to trim our lifestyles to fit the available daylight?

I do wonder how much reminders of the change are still required? On balance, it is probably useful, particularly if you are planning late afternoon and early evening events, which will now end and perhaps even start in darkness. If you use a phone or a computer for your main clock though, those will automatically update. I’ve got a few timepieces that still need a manual push but enough that will automatically make the shift that it is much harder to miss than it once was.

Anyway, if you are in the UK and if you need a reminder, remember the clocks fall back an hour overnight.

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