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The Scenic Route

We took a trip down to Bedford today to visit an old friend (and retrieve a winter coat Jane had accidentally left with her shortly before England’s first lockdown!) and decided to take the scenic route, round the east side of Leicester and down past Kettering. With the satnav’s help, it turned out to be even more scenic than originally expected and we got sent via villages like Barkby, Beeby and Keyham to circumvent traffic problems.

It was worth it though, because the views were incredibly scenic. Leicestershire boasts that it is the heart of rural England, a claim I had been inclined to take with a pinch of salt. However, after a diet of sweeping roads, rolling fields and scattered copses tinged with autumn, I am taking that claim a little more seriously.

Gorgeous — and so good that we more or less repeated the route on the way back. The satnav took us even further east, finally returning to larger roads just past Queniborough (possibly originally from the Old English Cwēne-burg, or ‘queen’s manor’). That patch east of Leicester was just as scenic though. It would be lovely to see it in the golden hours after dawn or before dusk on a sunny day.

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