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Time to Make Glutney

This year’s chutney is mainly based on tomatoes and apples. These are the two fruits that we’ve had a glut of this year and which are now starting to go past their best. The solution – cooking them up on a base of onions with a few spices, some dates and raisins, and a good amount of vinegar and sugar.

Tonight, I’ve got everything combined and starting to cook. I’ve decided to finish it off tomorrow as, once it is boiled down to a thicker consistency and a darker colour, I want to get it straight into sterilised jars.

This is also a sign that we don’t need to be too frugal with what is left of last year’s chutney making so I’ll be doing some rooting round in the cupboards, checking for what is lurking out of sight and making sure we don’t leave it sitting unused.

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