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Old Crocs
Old Crocs

Is there a name for slip on rubber clogs that look very much like the ones produced by the Crocs brand but are, in fact, cheap versions from Lidl? Whatever that name is, that is what these are and they’ve given very good service. I can’t remember exactly when I bought them but it was several years ago and I’ve frequently worn them when padding round the house. I love they way they slip on easily — and can be slipped off when I want to switch to my outside pair.

These ones are worn out though. The soles have gone from thick to whisper thin (and the outside pair have actually worn through) so replacing them has been on the cards for a while. I’ve just been waiting for them to come back into stock down the middle of my local Lidl (branded ‘Livergy’). That happened this week and so I’ve now got a couple of new pairs for the princely total of £9.98. If they manage a similar level of service that will be value for money indeed.

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