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A Lot In It

As I wandered round the supermarket yesterday afternoon, I fancied I might make a moussaka, which I vaguely recalled as a kind of meaty sauce topped with aubergine. When I told Jane, she recalled it as being further topped with an egg-enriched white sauce and finished off with cheese, which she didn’t fancy, so it was back to the drawing board. Or, rather, back to the kitchen, which I decided to use my ingredients to make a chilli instead.

I had a combination of quite lean pork mince (5% fat?) and slightly richer beef mince (10%) but, as well as regular vegetables like onions, I decided to squeeze in a lot more. I used one of the aubergines I’d bought, carrots, celery and even some of the pumpkin puree we have in the fridge. I also added the contents of various almost empty jars and a decent although not overly ambitious amount of hot seasonings.

The result? Very tasty with rice and I think we’ll have some more tonight. There will still be plenty left – possibly another meal this week and some portions for the freezer. That’s the good thing about recipes where you squeeze a lot in – they can then stretch out a long way.

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