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‘Andles for Fawkes

I know Guy Fawkes Day was yesterday (‘Remember, remember the fifth of November…’) although you wouldn’t think it from the amount of domestic fireworks going off tonight in nearby gardens. However, I’m using that title today because it is the moniker I have used for my latest homebrew, mashed yesterday and, once the yeast has finished rehydrating, back into the fermentor today.

It is based on a recipe for McMullen AK, whatever that brew is like. I was after a fairly light-weight beer, in terms of original gravity and expected final ABV that made use of pale malt and either chocolate or black malt (ie. the grains I have left). I thought I was going to be able to brew up some more of the Timothy Taylor Landlord clone I have done in the past but I realised I had got the entry wrong in my master list and that needed Crystal malt (ie. lightly toasted malted barley) so I decided to try a new recipe from the Graham Wheeler book (Brew Your Own British Real Ale).

The target gravity was 1.036 and I actually hit 1.042 so I could have afforded to water it down a bit for a higher yield. I’ll let this one stand though – perhaps next time, I’ll drop the pale malt bill by 50g and see what effect that has. Anyway, time to check and see if my yeast is ready to pitch.

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