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Different Types of Garden Centres

We visited a couple of different garden centres this afternoon, to pick up some soil and some seeds.

First was Six Acres, in Costock, which is a small, independent place. We’ve been there before and had a good nose round their stock of plants. It isn’t a massive place but has a pretty good selection. This one is definitely a gardener’s garden centre.

Next, we headed up the road to the Cherry Lane Garden Centre in Bradmore. Their website boasts, “we really are more than just a Garden Centre”. A cynic could be forgiven for thinking that they are barely a garden centre at all, such is the volume of diverse other good compared to living plants to take home and put in the soil. They had a few of those but I’d say less variety than Six Acres. We came away from there with things ranging from a box of tea bags (just regular ones – it turns out they have a grocery section) and a couple of new bowls.

Seeds? Unfortunately those got forgotten. I think we’ll head to the nearer Hathern Nurseries. That’s another independent and a bit of a blend of the two although skewed more towards the plants in soil than the Christmas lights for the patio end of things and we know exactly where to find their reasonably sized seed selection.

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