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Gushing with Disappointment

I opened one of my Autumn Ruby bottles for lunch today and it turned out to be a gusher. I opened it near the sink but it turns out that I should have opened it in the sink because after the initial “ah, it’s carbonated” hiss, I got a fountain of foam and made a bit of a mess.

There was about a quarter of the bottle left and, after filtering through muslin and then kitchen towel, I got a decent tasting mouthful. However, I won’t be sharing any of this batch around unless it turns out that was the exception rather than the rule.

Gushing tends to suggest either that the beer wasn’t properly finished when it went in the bottle or that it picked up some unwanted additions. I did note that the brew had quite a lot of sediment when it was bottled. I wonder if I should think about more filtering between fermentation and bottling? Perhaps that could give a safer result?

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