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Pick Three


We had a PCC away day today and, at one point the speaker noted that we’d used the Psalms a lot… but that, if had to pick just three books of the Bible to take to a desert island, Psalms would be one of them. Hmmnnn, I thought. What would I take.

My snap decision would be Psalms (I was partly responsible for the heavy leaning on them in the first place – the songbook of the Bible); Romans – a dense piece of theology with plenty to chew on; and the Gospel of John, with its soaring vision and careful construction.

So, said the speaker, the other two I would take would be Romans and John. Snap! It would be an interesting question to ask more widely. I suspect that, although there would be variance, there would also be some patterns. I have a feeling that, in evangelical parts of the church, that would be a common trio and you would have a lot of people picking from those three classes: something from the Old Testament, one of the gospels and one of the other longer books of the New Testament. Some would take a long time to choose or seek a “two for one” deal on something like 1 and 2 Corinthians. The gospels would probably be well represented but short books, like Jude, and ‘hard’ books like Leviticus would barely make a blip.

What would you pick?