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Sun, Sun, Go Away!

Recording last week’s Tuesday morning service (which gets edited up to become our online service for the following Sunday) was a bit of a nightmare. Like many churches, we have some big windows. That is fantastic most of the time but, at certain points of the year and certain times of the year, the sun can come streaming in at just the wrong angle.

It was right into the eyes of the service leader and preacher. Because we record the service, and because it is a live act of worship, I wanted to avoid interrupting things to adjust the stage. To my eyes, the people looked better lit than my stage lights normally manage. During the talk though, our speaker couldn’t even make out is his notes, so we did shift things across. Something must have got jogged on the camera though because the display didn’t look right at the end of the service.

When I got home, I discovered that not only had it cut out about a minute after being moved but that even what I did have was vastly overexposed round the faces and not really fit for purpose. I’d also forgotten to activate the backup recorder (probably in the messing around beforehand, trying to figure out if the light was feasible). In the end, I had to do all the service leader’s bits myself at home. Fortunately the speaker, who’d been a bit knocked off his stride, had felt compelled to re-record his bit too and the service was still up in good time even if it looked more like our efforts from deepest lockdown.

This week, I was concerned when the sun was out brightly again. I’m assured that the problem only persists for about 2-3 weeks but the window in question is a triangle right at the apex of the roof and above what can be reached without specialist equipment. Fortunately, it ended up clouding over before the service (although had turned pleasantly sunny again by the time we emerged). I don’t really want the sun to go away but an arrangement like we ended with today (and the result) was much better than what we endured last week.

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