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Faux Time Travel

I suppose our online services always involve a certain degree of time travel, since we film them at the Tuesday morning service and then I cut them together to produce a service suitable for the following Sunday. Today I’ve gone further, producing two services. One is for this Sunday and one is for 2 January 2022.

The church is having a little break between Christmas and New Year but I’m involved with the team planning the live service for 2 January so I’ve got a good idea of what is coming up there. I’ve not tried to replicate it but have put together a short online service suitable for the start of the New Year and resonating with what will be happening live (assuming face to face worship services are still able to happen – we’re getting used to uncertainty).

I’ll post it online later this week but it won’t premiere until 10:30am on 2 January. Meanwhile, here is a composition of my own, which I used a snippet of to provide a suitably timey-wimey audio back drop to the opening clip:


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