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How to do better?

I think this week’s headline failure of Boris Johnson’s government, the parties that people employed by the Conservatives held during last year’s lockdown, is the kind of situation in which a decent leader would be expected to step down. Did they actually happen? Given Allegra Stratton’s tearful resignation as a public advisor, I’d say the evidence is pretty strong. If she really is deluded or dishonest, then serious questions need to be asked about why she has held positions of influence for so long. However, Occam’s razor suggests that this was more likely a signpost to a ruling party that might be criminally negligent and certainly doesn’t believe it’s own rules apply to itself.

Of course, that then raises the question of how one is to do better. One isn’t in the position of leading the country or having one’s expensive wallpaper paid for (out of the public purse and at a cost that would see more than one family properly housed for a year) but how to do what is noble and honourable in decisions that affect public health. It’s a challenging question, even though I don’t get paid the big bucks to answer it.

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