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Merry Christmas 2021

Christmas Card 2021
Christmas Card 2021

All our physical cards went in the post a couple of weeks ago or have been distributed by hand but I’ve been a bit behind on getting e-cards sorted. I think those will be for the immediate post-Christmas period instead. However, this is the design I’ve used, based on a watercolour sketch from a couple of years ago.

The village isn’t Bethlehem but a cluster of buildings near Days Lock in Oxfordshire. It could be an impression of Bethlehem though. The crosses on the green hill in the back ground (far away!)? One was probably a pylon and the small ones on either side were digitally added after the fact. There’s a lot of Easter in this card design, even the great divide down the centre… but Christmas, and those words of hope from John’s gospel, were signs that the sin gap breaking our relationship with God was being dealt with.

Have a wonderful Christmas and much, much more.

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