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Photos lie…

There used to be a saying that the camera never lies. Even back in the day, photos could be staged and it is now widely known (though often forgotten) how much they can be digitally manipulated or even entirely spoofed using software. I noted, with a certain degree of alarm, adverts for Google’s latest phone and its promised ability to magically edit people out of pictures without even requiring any skill on the part of the user!

It could also be observed that certain politicians have an uneasy relationship with plain fact. For example, in the last couple of weeks we have had various bits of clear photographic evidence that Boris Johnson and his cronies took lockdown restrictions with a pinch of salt. They haven’t claimed the photos have been altered but, instead, are trying to alter the interpretation. It wasn’t a social gathering of multiple households; it was a business meeting.

A business meeting with several groups of people standing or sitting in different places in the garden. Not a mask in sight, nor a notebook or laptop being used. However, the Prime Minister’s wife, who left her Downing Street job in 2018, in attendance. What have they got to say to the people who didn’t realise they could attend to serious, sombre business, like bringing comfort to dying loved ones?

I’d say that is pretty good evidence that he attempts to deceive many, perhaps starting with himself.

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