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Waiting for the Gig / Fingerpainting

Waiting for the Gig
Waiting for the Gig

Tonight was my first official gig with the Charnwood Symphonic Wind Orchestra at Ibstock Community College. It was a dual bill with the Coalville Amateur Operatic Society (CAOS!) and we did a few pieces supporting that choir as well as some orchestral tunes. The orchestra is the top rung of the three Charnwood concert bands, although there is a lot of interchange between levels. For example, one of our clarinetists brings a bass clarinet to the Concert Band and I’ve recently joined several other senior players in supporting the Training Band (yes… that’s the level I’m more comfortable at but it’s all about stretching myself).

Before we went on, there was a period of waiting around and I wanted to do some digital art… but I’d neglected to bring my Apple pencil. Therefore, this drawing was done with my fingers. They lack precision (although that’s not a key feature of my portfolio in any case) but I’m pleased with the energy of it.

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