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Better or More?

At time of writing, Boris Johnson is still Prime Minister after finally apologising for attending a drinks party with other senior Government figures at the height of lockdown. It has stirred up both grief and anger from those who followed the rules and were forced to let loved ones die alone or hold back from offering comfort. I think it also risks encouraging the ‘do what you want and what you think you can get away with’ attitude, which is a cancer on democracy.

Why hasn’t he stepped down? Does he think he can do better or just that he can get away with more. Perhaps he’s eying up a post-office position with Teflon and wants to keep his non-stick status? If he did step down soon, it’s not clear that there would be a better candidate from Conservative ranks to replace him. There might be someone who is both politically astute enough to realise how incredibly hard it will be to do a good job and selfless enough to try but that isn’t what selection over the past few years has been cultivating.

Woe is us. We might have the political leadership we deserve but not for a long time the one we need.

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