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Sock Man and Market Street
Loughborough’s Sockman

I’m not sure if he has any notable super powers but Sockman has been a fixture of Loughborough Town Centre since 1998 (see Wikipedia article). He sits admiring his sock, which represents Loughborough’s former role as an important part of the hosiery industry in England. Inventive 19th century engineers, like Arthur Paget and William Cotton, invented machinery that made the process faster and more repeatable than hand-knitting and set up factories in the town.

Fortunately, Sockman’s habit of sitting outside wearing only a single sock (and a small, strategically placed leaf) has not become a local fashion statement, even when the weather is a lot warmer than today, when I went out on a photowalk round town (see all pictures on Flickr). All photos taken with the kit 18-55mm lens on my Nikon D40.

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