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Cleats for Coats

I’ve had a bit of a DIY day although I still haven’t got beyond a bit of physical conceptualisation (okay, holding things up in situ without making holes) on the project I first had in mind. The trouble was that, in order to make the space to press on with that, I had other things I needed to tidy up first.

What I have managed to do is finish sawing up a stack of hazel branches, planing down a couple of bits of wood (one of which will likely feature in the original project), fixing a couple more cleats to the wall and creating some cleat holders for putting coats up by the back door. The last one was a project I started a few weeks ago and had begun visualising a long time before that. Although cleats for coats wasn’t what I thought I’d finish off today, it was good to tick that off the list.

As a bonus task, I built a cleat based holster for some garden scissors. That involved getting the router out and then trying to get the job done before the light faded too much. It was accomplished though and gave a decent result – safe storage and decent looking, if on the rustic side. Anyway, that’s probably enough DIY for today.

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