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Letter to my MP: re. Ukraine

I’m still waiting for a response from my (Conservative) MP Jane Hunt on the partygate scandal. That matter is not forgotten and, in my opinion, remains a national shame on the UK and particularly on England. However, with a serious conflict underway in Ukraine, I sent another email last night:

I viewed with dismay the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week and was not impressed with the Government’s lacklustre response to offering sanctuary to those fleeing the conflict. Latest reports suggest the mood music from the centre of the UK government may be changing. However, I implore you to press for Britain to be generous in offering sanctuary and providing relief closer to the scene as well as putting increasing pressure on Putin’s government to pull back.

I recall that when I contacted you about a previous matter (the laissez faire approach of Dominic Cummings to lockdown restrictions in May 2020) you emphasised your interest in the local, Loughborough perspective. Please also consider what you can do to support local Ukrainian nationals in this time of distress and what this region can offer in the way of concrete hospitality and generosity to those seeking to flee the present conflict and in recovering from the trauma as the situation continues or is resolved.

Life for many in Britain in 2022 is not always easy and is widely expected to be getting harder over the next few months. However, the rising cost of living is not a patch on the existential threat to living being experienced by those in Ukraine and I expect our politicians to lead us where we should go.

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