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Little Trek Involved

Jane recently wanted to get some hypoallergenic earrings and we settled on Solace Jewellery. Originally we’d been looking for white gold but it turns out that you need to aim for 18ct or above to keep the nickel content down and that gets pricey when you want simple studs that you aren’t too precious about. I think it was 925 sterling silver that turned up as another option (92.5% silver and copper is often used to make the alloy). We also discovered that the reason this is a thing is that gold and silver are a bit too soft for durable jewellery, certainly for earrings, and that is why you actually normally end up with various alloys which include things like nickel. Anyway, hypoallergenic jewellery is Solace’s thing and Jane now has a nifty pair of ear studs in medical grade titanium.

On their own, they weren’t quite enough to qualify for free shipping, so she suggested I might like to get something for myself. I’ve got just the one pierced ear and, for years now, have typically just worn a simple ring. I picked some ‘pearlescent’ studs and some silver scallop shells which, as I learned when I walked the Camino de Santiago, are a common symbol used by pilgrims. Unfortunately, the post on one of the shell ones broke when I tried to put it in.

On examination, it looked like it hadn’t been well attached and Jane encouraged me to report it, which I did this morning. By the time I got back after a bit of service of preparation at church, I had an email informing me that a new set were on their way. Assuming all is good (and, from the quality of the other ones, I think the problem was most likely a blip) I’ll end up with three shell studs.

That could be one for the left, one for the right and one for the final front ear (groan!). I did try to warn you that there was a little trek involved, although I may have misled you with the pilgrimage thing. Anyway, thumbs up for the quick and full customer support from Solace.

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