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We’ll remember it for you

Have you seen the ads for the Google Pixel 6 phone? People having fun at a fairground. A photo is taken. A finger taps on the photo and circles some people in the background, who promptly disappear. Voiceover: It’s perfect, just like your memories and how you want to remember them. Oh, and [MUSIC PLAYING] of course.

Have Google’s ad team never watched dystopian science fiction films like Total Recall and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which owe their inspiration to works by Philip K Dick’s novels like We Can Remember it For You Wholesale? I think I’ve still got Eternal Sunshine on DVD and I’m pretty sure it features an advert for the morally questionable memory adjustment company that provides the setting for the story which is remarkably similar.

Let us take your money and manipulate your memories so they end up like cotton candy? For some reason, that doesn’t resonate with me as a particularly strong selling point!

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