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Plan B Sermon

I got news yesterday that our planned preacher for today was feeling a bit unwell. We have had something similar before and, in that case, covered it by playing the talk from the online Sunday service, filmed the previous Tuesday. However, that wasn’t too long ago and, while last Tuesday’s talk on Psalm 63 was excellent, I decided to write a short alternative message on the passage which was due to be covered this morning, Isaiah 55.

Had our preacher been recovered today, that wouldn’t have been wasted. I’m sure that, for many sermons, the person who gets most from it is the one who prepared it. Indeed, what’s the point of listening to a talk from someone who set out with closed ears and a closed heart? As it was though, I did need to use it. The congregation got a message that hadn’t been chewed over as much as is sometimes the case but was at least quite succinct and to the point.

I might post it later this week but, for now, I can turn my mind back to the next talk I’m expecting to give, in a couple of week’s time.

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