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Recording Day

Normally Tuesday is busy with the routine of recording the morning service at church, editing the footage and publishing the result to go online the following Sunday. This week, I can’t do that because I’m still isolating with COVID-19.

Fortunately, this week the preacher was me so I’ve already recorded the talk, which was shown at the service this morning. Today I’ve been working on the elements of the service that go around that, including a prayer segment that may get shown if I’m not back to lead the intercessions live next Sunday. I’ve also had my music recording stuff out and have a couple more songs in the can.

It does feel a bit rushed trying to do so much in one day but I’m not too far off completion now. I like to polish things a bit more but, in these circumstances, the key thing is to get them done reasonably rather than perfectly. I’ll be doing some more song recording in the next day or so as I was also due to be leading worship on Sunday and the All-Age team have got a good idea of the songs they want but all the music is locked away in my office. If I’m there, it will be done live and I’ll have a few more song videos banked; if not, then that too will get covered by this helpful technology.

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