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Settling in

About a week on from the completion of my new shelving set up and I’m feeling reasonably pleased with how it has settled in. I’ve been making a few more adjustments but it is nice and solid and I’m getting used to it.

I’ve also got a few more ideas for further things I might do. I think I could do with moving the top shelf forward a few millimetres and introducing at least one wide hole along the length to provide space for cables to run up and down. I did cut a decent sized hole in the bottom shelf and that has proved very useful but, now I’m getting a sense of how the top shelf will be configured I need some gaps there too. It would also be nice to have some lighting under the bottom shelf (an LED strip would be ideal) so I can see what I’m doing when plugging things into the computer (which sits in a convenient but fairly dark space).

Still, that’s all part of the process of letting the project settle in – the living, and lived-with, prototype.

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