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Tree Deconstruction

Poor trees. They work hard to grow, from a tiny seedling that looks much like other plants to a mighty mass of roots, trunk and leaves and then someone comes and cuts them down. Yesterday, one of those tree cutters was spotted by a friend who knows Jane and I are always on the look out for free wood and, as a consequence we’ve now got a couple of car boot loads moved into our back garden.

It’s mainly cherry but also a bit of pine and a smaller, unfruitful apple that is what we’d gone round to help remove in the first place. It’s a boon – our best haul of free wood since moving up here – but, of course, it all has to be processed. Over the next week or two, I need to get the logs cut down to smaller lengths that can be more easily moved and stored, even if I don’t get them all to the size that will fit in our wood burner. After that, I need to get them split open. And then they can sit and season over the summer and as long as it takes to get the moisture content somewhere around the mid-teens in percentage terms.

Hard work but we will also continue to look for opportunities to plant more trees – wonderful trees, that work hard to grow from tiny seedlings and flimsy whips…

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