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Wired keyboard

When I got my Windows box last year, mainly to ease the task of regular video processing, I opted for a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse. They were both relatively cheap and sold under the Rii (‘Real Internet Idea’) brand. In truth, they have both worked pretty well and I’ve enjoyed the fact that both of them include the frippery of lighting up nicely. However, I haven’t really taken much advantage of them being wireless and it is a chore to keep charging them up. The mouse charges pretty quickly but the keyboard takes longer and I think the built in cable is failing as the charging indicator doesn’t always light up when plugged in – it was taking increasingly long to find ways to position it where it would work.

Consequently, I’ve just bought myself a new – wired – keyboard. It is a Perixx Periboard-329, a full-size keyboard with backlit keys (8 colour options, including off, as opposed to 4 on the previous keyboard). It does take a bit more desk space but I think I can live with that. As a benefit, keys are less squeezed together. I’ve got distinct cursor keys, access to things like page up and page down without having to also press special function key and, joy of joys, a built in numeric keypad. There’s even an additional function on the F12 key where (with a special function key) I can fire up the Windows calculator. I’m not sure I’ll use it often enough to remember when it will be useful but it’s a nice bonus.

Anyway, my verdict is that, so far, it seems to be a useful step to refining my set up for what I need (and I’ve still got the wireless keyboard should I find a use for it).

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