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Kev and I have been round at an elderly friend’s today doing some work on external cladding round water and heating pipes. Presently they are boxed in with painted plywood but I don’t think enough attention was paid to redirecting water and so, only a few years after it was done, quite a few of the boards are in a fragile state, splitting and warping where the damp has got inside them.

Some of the framework is reusable but we’re applying plastic pieces to cover and replace as required. Kev has done quite a lot of work with the material but it is new to me. It is quite easy to cut with a fine toothed saw and, in some cases, even just a knife. I’m not wild about working with plastic but I think it is the best choice for this application. I’m pleased with the results so far although we’ll need to pick up the pace a bit tomorrow… and that reminds me of an extra tool or two I ought to slip into my bag before I forget.

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