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Hey, Mr Putin!

Given the current state of the world, I’m not sure if putting a stamp on a letter Vladimir Putin would be much more effective than posting a letter to Santa Claus by putting it in a burning hearth. They do say that Russia monitors the global Internet so, on the off chance that is half-way true… hello, Mr Putin: I’m talking to you.

I understand that your government is claiming that all the accounts of war crimes in Ukraine are fake news and based on doctored footage. How about sending a public message to your troops to hold back and let impartial international observers in and beleaguered Ukrainian citizens out? Make it clear that you have no truck with letting the innocent suffer. I understand that you are regarded as a powerful man so that shouldn’t be beyond you.

I’ve also heard that you declare yourself to be a Christian. I know that the Russian Orthodox church is quite different in many of its practices and its way of explaining what we can know about God. There is one Lord Jesus Christ though, isn’t there, the Prince of Peace? Your Easter is celebrated a week later than my Easter this year but, for both of us, Holy Week still looms. Don’t risk your soul for the power of Pilate or Caiaphas. Re-read the words of Christ in the gospels and please reflect on the balance between your earthly empire and Christ’s eternal kingdom.

You sit in a difficult seat and I don’t envy your position at all. Frankly, there is something telling about the images of you perched, alone, at one end of a vastly oversized table. I’m sure your translators can cope with an English pun so let me gently remind you that King Jesus was a lot more stable. Да будет бог милостив к тебе.

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