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Inside Outside Power

We had a few little electrical jobs done for us this morning. The one I’m most excited about is finally getting an outside power socket installed (not DIY but DIY-facilitating). This will save the rigmarole of opening the small kitchen window, going out and feeding an extension lead in, going back in and powering it on and finally being able to go out and get to work (and the same in reverse when a session of work comes to an end).

Originally I’d planned to get power run out to the shed. However, as I mulled on it, I realised that this had a number of drawbacks. Although only a short distance, it would be expensive. It would create an extra layer of expense and hassle in the event of major renovations to the shed. It would also be putting electricity into a potentially damp and certainly condensation prone wooden building full of flammable material.

What we’ve got instead is an internal isolation switch that comes as a spur off a suitably placed socket. That feeds into an externally mounted and waterproof (IP66 rated) double plug. I’ll still need an extension to get power into the shed but a shorter one will suffice and the load won’t be an issue (at most a shop vac and a domestic power tool – tested many times with the old 10m extension cable). Yes, the shed door will have to be open a bit but I’d want that anyway for ventilation with any of the devices I’m likely to connect. It’s going to be a boon, particularly for small jobs where one of my power tools will be effective but I might not have fancied the extra work of setting up and tidying up the ‘through the window’ extension.

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